Floor Preparation

Square edge original pine floorboards can look better and will be draught free if you fill the gaps.
You need our strong but flexible filler which has good side-bonding properties so as to grab strongly onto the board sides.
The ‘wood’ filler on sale in the sheds is not suitable: when machine sanded it comes up white and is brittle, as it is designed to fill holes not gaps.
Our multi resin filler has been developed over years, is flexible and gives an attractive dark shadow line between the boards, which suits any colour soft wood floor.

It takes time to fill gaps, around a day per 2 rooms, (leave overnight to cure) so fill gaps before hiring machines.

Scraper and Filler. Thin ply spot board to put filler on. Occasionally gaps are more than 5mm wide-you need to wedge these gaps with wood wedges. We sell wedge packs-phone for details.