Wood Floor Finish

Wood Floor Finish
Trio Finisher


This easy to use wood floor finisher has and will revolutionise the standard of your wood floor finish.
(Apart from very level, newly-laid hardwood, most floors will require a big machine first).


  • Wood Floor Finish All types of wood floor, especially hardwood, parquet, and corridors which can be difficult or impossible to sand to a satisfactory finish with just the big machine and edger.
  • Wood Floor Finish Newly-laid hardwood if well-manufactured sometimes only requires a wood floor finisher and edger to finish off the desired look.

The fine-finishing machine gives an unmatched quality of professional finish to the surface. The floor will look clean after the big machines; however, when coated up, invariably lots of minor imperfections can show.
These include the transition from where edger and drum meet, drum dwell-marks on the floor, and by the nature of both types of big machine, the harder knots will appear slightly proud of the softer surrounding grain. These knots will get flattened down by the fine-finishing machine.

Overall, it closes off the grain, which allows the coating to do its work more efficiently, i.e. go further and last longer. (If you are going to use a stain to improve/ deepen the colour of your floor, after the fine-finishing machine please use one of our lacquer-based stains, as the grain will be too closed up to absorb the solvent-based, cloth-applied type of stain).

Bona Flexisand

The Flexisand is a new addition, it is extremely good for fine finishing on wooden floors but has the added advantage to have a fitting that can sand concrete floors.

Bona Flexisand For Concrete

The Flexisand is a new addition, it has a special bottom plate that enables it to sand concrete floors.

Bona Large Buffer

The large buffer is a great machine for buffing between coats of varnish or applying oil to wooden floors for larger projects or by more experienced sanders.

Bona Power Scrubber

The Bona Power Scrubber is a compact, powerful scrubbing machine for cleaning wood floors finished with lacquer or oil.

As a system used in conjunction with Bona Deep Clean Solution, it removes the toughest dirt and grime from wooden floors with ease. The two counter-rotating cylindric brushes clean deeply, even on rough, brushed parquet and wooden floors with bevelled edges. The rubber squeegees ensure an extremely effective water pickup which makes it safe to use on wooden floors. Also suitable and recommended for cleaning greyed outdoor deckings and other outdoor hard surfaces such as tiling and paving around swimming pools etc.


  • Powerful and easy to manouvre
  • Extremely effective water pickup
  • Easy to fill, clean and transport
  • Indoor and outdoor use

If your looking for the perfect wood floor finish or have more questions about our fine-finishing machines please don’t hesitate to email: websales@floorsanderhireuk.com or call: 0208 453 1160.